March 17, 2020


Events of Maison POC Collaborative City

POC pitchs

POC pitchs are evenings dedicated to the presentation of 3 to 5 POCs by the holders themselves.

POC from here and elsewhere

POC from here and elsewhere are meetings between an international stakeholder and one or more local stakeholders

Other events

Many satellite events are hosted in the Maison POC Collaborative City. These events, organised independently, are supported by active actors from the wider Lille Metropolitan area. They can take different forms: workshops, conferences, etc.

The program

Maison POC Collaborative City / Design Week

DxCC Lille 2020 – Design for Collaborative City Lille 2020

17/10/2020 – 17:00 (Location : Gare de St Sauveur, Lille)

Third places, living-lab, sustainable neighbourhoods, etc. are among the areas on the territory where new forms of living together are experimented. 

DxCC Lille 2020will host half a day of face-to-face and remote conversations to discuss the territory’s experiments with others developed by the DESIS labsin Milan and Barcelona and contributions from other cities such as London, New York, Medellin, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai. 

What forms do these experiments take? How do they emerge from social, environmental, educational, entrepreneurial, etc. initiatives? What do they teach us about new urban lifestyles? What role does design play in their development? How do they design more collaborative cities of doing and living together?