Employment Through Recycling Key Innovation Provides work to unemployed, disabled and immigrants by extending the life-time of consumer products, inventing new ways of recycling and improving recycling around Helsinki. Problematic background and context The association was founded by a group of unemployed people in Vuosaari, a multicultural area of the city. At the time, unemployment […]


Creating a club for young people Key Innovation A group of people creating a club together in co-operation with its forthcoming users. Problematic background and context Kallio is an old city district of Helsinki that has usually had places with cheap beer and a lot of unemployed middle-aged people. It is an old labor area […]


MP3 Distribution Company Key Innovation MP3 music files distribution over the internet. Problematic background and context The situation in the world of marginal music has been troublesome in the recent years. Everywhere in the world small record labels are experiencing difficulties just as the majors are, with the exception of having a much smaller budget […]


a greenhouse and exhibition centre in the city centre Key Innovation A greenhouse and garden in the city centre that serves as a forum for environmental art and design exhibitions, workshops, and lectures. Problematic background and context The cultural greenhouse project began in the year 2000 when Helsinki was one of Europe’s Cultural Capitals. One […]


A mixed-tenure carfree development This carfree development consists of 120 mixed-tenure homes which were built on a brownfield site (a former railway goods yard) which has good access to facilities and public transport. Instead of pa … more…


Ecovillage Key Innovation An ecologically respectful built environment, providing a good example to local rural communities Solution description Educational programmes which through a practical application of spiritual and holistic values inspire a positive change in the world. The main focus being an awareness of the inner self and the perusal of a spiritual path. No […]


Distribution of local food produce to local communities (instead of wholesalers from mainland) increases economy on the island of Skye. Key Innovation Providing income to small communities through local food produce Problematic background and context bringing fresh locally produced food to the tables of skye & lochallch” as many other islands in scotland, the distribution […]


LETS is an acronym for Local Exchange Trading System Key Innovation An alternate currency allows the trading of goods and services amongst members of the community. Problematic background and context The original project started in 1976, when a group who were members of ‘friends of the earth’ decided to start a ‘LETS’ scheme in Ayr. […]


Cream o’ Galloway Dairy Farm is an organic dairy farm which was launched to increase biodiversity and enhance the experience for visitors. Key Innovation They are currently monitoring how they manage waste, energy and water to target how they can save it. Problematic background and context In 1992 the owners of this family dairy and […]


Creating a community-space for children, where café and playground are combined. Key Innovation Café Zoïde is a combination of a neighboorhood workshop and a café,independant of a school system and at the same time providing an educative but free surrounding for children Problematic background and context A group of people decided to create a warm […]