Download LOLA

-> Please note that the files are in .pdf. To obtain original .ppt files for translation, contact editors.

1. The LOLA Toolkit is downloadable for free. All elements are copyleft; they can be transformed and used for any purpose unless commercial ones.
The toolkit contains:
_a Guide Book which consists in a set of step-by-step cards showing the LOLA process to be used as a reference guide by kids and a didactic guide for teachers;
_a Reporter Book: an easy to construct booklet supporting the kids in making the interviews and taking pictures and where they should write down and draw all their observations.
_a Teacher Feedback Form
(Note that this Toolkit was tested and refined during the LOLA’s pilot project)

Click here to download the LOLA ToolKit :

English //  1 (step-by-step) (pdf) 2 (reporter book) (pdf) 3 (Teacher doc form) (ppt)

French //  1 (Teacher doc form) (ppt) 2 (step-by-step) (ppt) 3 (reporter book) (ppt)

German //   1 (step-by-step) (pdf) 2 (reporter book) (pdf) 3 (step-by-step) (ppt) 4 (reporter book) (ppt)

Dutch //  1 (reporter book) (pdf) 2 (step-by-step) (ppt)

Portugese //   1 (step-by-step) (ppt) 2 (reporter book)(ppt)

Norwegian //  1 (step-by-step) (ppt)  2 (reporter book) (ppt)

Lithuanian //  1 (step-by-step) (ppt) 2 (reporter book) (ppt)

Slovack //  1 (step-by-step) (ppt) 2 (reporter book) (ppt)

2. You can also download for free the new LOLA Brochure:

3. If you want to start questioning aspects of our daily living with the LOLA illustrated list of typical unsunstainabilities, the LOLA Guidelines for sustainable design and a presentation of some promising cases to support discussion in the class.

4. Finally, if you want to download the LOLA Exhibition and/or the Exhibition Guide.