RE_NDEZ-VOUS a confined POC that doesn’t wait until September!

Yesterday we announced the launch of the online Maison Collaborative City.

Thank you to all those who gave us updates: the POC are of course at a standstill, as confirmed for example by Béatrice Auxent, from the Berkem Label association: the construction site of the Chaufferie Huet, which is to host the Collaborative City, will stop until end of May, but the POC Collaborative Mapping of chimneys of the city of La Madeleine will continue to collect remotely the heritage of the area’s industrial history and inhabitants’ memories.

The initiative of an online Maison Collaborative City makes Lucie Colin, graphic designer, want to share about the POC KAPPLA, that she carries out with Laura Bodenez and which furnishes third places.

Marie-Julie Rock, innovation facilitator who accompanies the POC restructuring of the co-project space MonsFabrica, in Mons en Baroeul, is curious to discover online the other POC of the Collaborative City while waiting for the confinement to end.

Let’s stay the course in these troubled times, we’ll need to stay creative for what is coming next. The Collaborative City will then take on its full meaning“, says Martha Bozek, Municipal Councillor of the city of Sailly-lez-lannoy and initiator of the POC and citizen innovation lab, the Fabrique Saillysienne… 

But today we want to give special attention to Olivia Clément, initiator with the Academy of Fine Arts of Tournai of the POC RE_ACTextile, who will experiment next September an outdoor creative workshop, installed in a vacant commercial space in the city centre and open to the whole population.

In order to keep in touch while confined, and to “get the machinery working again and make it work“, Olivia and her students have imagined RE_ENDEZ-VOUS, a transposition of their POC in the shape of an ‘exquisite corpse’ on Instagram, which she presents to us with a short video (French only, sorry!): 

When asked how the online POC contributes or changes the ‘live’ POC, Olivia describes this experiment as a “playground” for remote collaboration in this difficult period, and as a way to start bringing to life POC RE_ACTextile online, while waiting for September… exactly what this online Maison Collaborative City aims to do with all of you, while waiting for the opening of Lille Metropole 2020, World Design Capital, postponed to September 2020! 

Write to us, keep on sending updates, big ideas and small actions or vice versa, your everyday stories, initiatives, we’ll relay them and as Olivia concluded : “…if we can be part of this and help people get over it, then let’s do it and all hold hands while doing it! » 

The Collaborative City team, confined but determined!