Nomadic coffee break in your neighbourhood

POC Nomadic Café in Five

Nomadic coffee break in your neighbourhood

“I discovered the Nomadic Café in June. The appointment in a park, a bit like a treasure hunt, and then arriving at our host’s home. A pleasant garden, discussions, meeting new people and lots of new tips about my neighbourhood” says Fanny, resident of the Fives neighbourhood.

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“Nomadic Café 3cm, it’s a nomade and convivial café, a meeting facilitator, which goes to the people’s homes or to partners.”

A nomadic café hosted by locals

The Nomadic Café is one of the many activities offered by the 3cm association, which takes aim at social bonding. In the region of Fives-Hellemmes-Mons, where cafés have disappeared, the concept of a mobile café in people’s homes began about a year ago, at the rate of one per month. In order to facilitate the preparation of the activity in the homes or the places to host the nomadic cafés, the 3cm association imagined a “caddie” counter: a foldable and mobile tool that combines the useful with the pleasant by transporting food and drinks for the meetings

A social experience

The Nomadic Café facilitates meetings and conviviality. People who register do not know each other in general, and they do not know where they will go. It is a time to let go of everything and, in an era of “hyper connection” and planning, it allows to get surprised: it is an invitation to live a social experience. Offered to citizens and structures of the neighbourhood, each meeting is preceded by an urban micro-tour: it is an opportunity to look at one’s living environment differently, to get to know each other and to evoke memories and future possibilities of a territory through a couple of heritage elements. 

Long-term prospects: to transmit the concept of the Nomadic Café to other associations in urban, peri-urban and rural territories, in order to create and manage a network of Nomadic Cafés.

  • Project holders: 3cm association, Marie-France Thevrey & Elodie Vancanneyt
  • Designers: two designers have been invited to apply, selection to come as soon as funding is available.
  • Stakeholders: citizens, cultural structures, artists’ workshops, associations, emerging places 
  • Photo credits : 3cm association, Marie-France Thevrey & Elodie Vancanneyt, POC Nomadic Café in Five