Temporary mobile furniture

POC Mob-Mob

Temporary mobile furniture

Neighbourhood renovations can take up to several years, during which time the population has to live in the midst of all the work, provisional arrangements, precarious urban equipment… How might we design modular and temporary street furniture that allows, in a flexible and economical way, to give rise to neighbourhood life while making the areas under construction safe? 

3 modules to do it all 

Living Room is a set of temporary urban furniture made up of 3 simple modules: a recycled concrete block, a structural metal arch and a wood panel. Combined together, the 3 elements allow to generate almost any classic category of urban furniture: benches for sitting, lunch tables, flower or vegetable boxes, information panels, etc.

Depending on the combination, the modules can be used to make utilitarian and autonomous elements for lighting, signage or information, and can even become plant and vegetable containers for decorative or educational purposes. They delimit the space and meeting places suitable for receiving shows, aperitifs and gatherings, in order to meet the needs of the surrounding populations. The module’s assembly also allows to secure temporary work areas by prohibiting access to streets, roads and paths.

Furniture for changing territories

For the developer Ville Renouvelée, and for the team of designers VraimentVraiment who created Living Room, public space and neighbourhood life are shaped, right from the construction phase, through iterative testing and support for local initiatives. The 3 concrete, metal and wood modules manufactured by RM Mobilier and ETnisi, two local companies, combine comfort and encourage new uses, ergonomic installation and maintenance. Since July 2019, this mobile furniture has been deployed in the eco-neighbourhood under construction through partnerships by the Union between Roubaix and Tourcoing. The furniture is available for deployment in areas undergoing change, supporting local initiatives and resident’s lives.

  • Project holders: SEM Ville Renouvelée
  • Designers: VraimentVraiment
  • Stakeholders: RM Mobilier, ETnisi
  • Photo credits: SEM Ville Renouvelée, POC Mob-Mob