Building the city with the people who live in it …

POC Bords de Deûle

Building the city with the people who live in it …

The plans for residential development by 2040 on the Deûle area, just south of the city of Wambrechies, could mean more than 6,000 new housing units, the equivalent of Wambrechies’ population today!

This example illustrates well the radical shifts expected in the next 20 years for this 5 kilometre long area on the banks of the Deûle river, north of Lille! 

Listening to an entire territory!

How do you do this with the people, with those who live there and those who soon will, without forgetting anyone? How do you renew effectively citizen involvement, look closely at the use of land and make strategic planning efficient and straightforward, by mobilising elected representatives, officials, socio-economic stakeholders and citizens around a common understanding?

The Urban Planning Service of the European Metropolis of Lille, supported by city planners Attitudes Urbaines, design facilitators Atypieand graphic designers Giboulée,envisioned an approach mindful of its environment : organising co-construction workshops ; bringing together people from a diverse range of backgrounds; imagining solutions; modelling and mapping … 

Bottom-up strategic planning

Because of its intrinsic characteristics, the Deûle river bank area has great potential to meet citizen needs and contribute to Lille’s appeal. It involves many social, environmental, and economic challenges … that call into question the progression of lifestyles and future cities.

The undertaken approach aims to set out a shared vision and identify solutions built together by various stakeholders of the territory, whether they come from the associative, economic or institutional world.

The desire to deal differently with public spatial planning policies results in a bottom-up approach, through the use of strategic planning : living, moving around, working, spending free-time … on the Deûle Edges in 2040.

  • Project holders : Métropole Européenne de Lille
  • Designers :Atypie, Attitudes Urbaines, Giboulée 
  • Stakeholders : mayors and municipal councillors of the municipalities of Marquette lez Lille, La Madeleine and Saint André lez Lille, the youth council of the city of Saint André, municipal officials, players in the associative world, local residents’ collectives, players in property development, players in the economic world, thematic experts from public administrations and public development companies.
  • Photo credit : Métropole Européenne de Lille