Visioning Toolbox for Sustainable Transition Process of the Territory


Rio+20 and after: Agenda 21 of tomorrow foresight exercise took Rio+20 as a pretext to envision how we can renew the Agenda 21 as a tool for local sustainable transition. Beyond adding to the French Agenda 21 contribution to the Rio+20 debate, the purpose was also to generate a series of new instrument to stimulate Agenda 21 at local level throughout the country and in particular fostering foreword looking posture often lacking in Agenda 21.

SDS is involved with Commissariat général au Développement durable of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy together with 4D and ETD into this second phase of the work building in a collaborative action research process with a sample of Agenda 21 on the territory a Visioning Toolobox for Sustainable Transition of the Territory.

The tools have inferred from the most promising tools used in the national exercise and the tool box as been drafted to discuss with the different local territories who may candidate to experimentation and collaborative design process of the toolbox.


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