English version Regional experimentation To unlock local public action from top-down, hierarchical siloed management, a number of European regions proclaim themselves in a “state of experimentation”. They explore new forms of governance: light and temporary administrative structures oriented towards innovation and transformation, sustainable management, agile territories open to adaptation, resilience and long term interactions. Democity […]


English version Multi-level governance As an evolution of Agendas 21, the new Engagement 21 emerges as key-tools of governance between territories and between actors. Engagements 21 articulates and synergizes participation from citizen action, collaboration of local socio-economical players to be in cohesion with regional, national and European levels.  Societal Activity The notion of co-responsibility galvanizes […]


English version Limit of the consumption model The economic development model based on “extract-consume-throw away” appears to be more detached from the players at a local scale. The shortage in public funding, the increase of the price of raw materials and the decline of the quality of life has induced a push to rethink the […]