Agendas 21 of tomorrow for ‘Conseil General 33’ Toolbox to co-create and build with the ‘Girondin’ stakeholders a desirable vision for the territory. This was for SDS the second occasion for piloting some of the tools from the ‘Visioning Toolbox’ for Sustainable Transition of the Territory developed with the Commissariat Général au Développement Durable of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, together with 4D and ETD.


The Gironde context:

On the occasion of its first sustainability report, the General Council of the Gironde published the “Profil DD de la Gironde” (Sustainable Developement profile of the Gironde region). Starting from the evaluation work of the CDA21 and a technical and scientific approach; this Gironde Sustainable Profile proposes six indicators for describing a situation in the territory through the lens of the 5 goals of sustainable development and governance.
The ” Profil DD de la Gironde ” is a dashboard of the territory situation in terms of sustainable development whose evolution depends on the contributions of all the Girondins, actors and institutions.
It allowed to collectively deepen the concept of social territorial co-responsibility which involves local actors beyond their own classic roles within their organizations or companies.

The sustainable development projects carried by communities and businesses get more coherence and consistency by being put in perspective of larger collective inter-organizational goals committed to the improvement of the life quality of agents and employees through out the territory.

After a year and a half of collective thinking, sharing and co-creation around this concept of social territorial co-responsibility, on both the local and national levels, it is now necessary to turn this concept into something concrete, tangible and operational. This can be done following two concomitant methods :

– To share the vision of the social territorial co-responsibility;
– Assessment model of its contribution to sustainable development.

Objectives of the toolkit:

• To encourage territories in developing a forward-looking attitude, generating a vision for a sustainable and desirable future;
• To adapt and advance local processes and practices of ecological transitions;
• To implement activities to (re)-energize the local forces through a co-design process.

The Gironde workshop:

For the Gironde department, our work was based on using the visioning toolbox, selecting some specifics tools adapted for the creation of a scenario around the concept of ‘social co-responsibility of the territory’ applied to the Gironde context. The aim of the project was to come up with a 2033 vision illustrated by a short animated film showing both the evolution of Gironde and the explanation of the concept of ‘social co-responsibility of the territory’. The scenario was built during a three workshops collaborative process, with a group of 30 local actors. This project team was composed of various and diverse stakeholders: private businesses, citizens, public authorities (from different levels of governance), associations, etc. The process involved the different stakeholders in a collaborative, creative and open framework in order to build a shared vision of the Gironde department in 2033.

Workshop process:

The 3 different workshops happened over a period of 2 months and each session was organized on a 2-days process (one afternoon and one morning).
Main steps of the three co-creation workshops process building the scenario of ‘La Gironde, territory of social co-responsibility’.



– Presentation of the three films made at the national level: Démocité21, Pacte21, Participation21, as an introduction and stimulation exercise. – Distribution of a set of cards of the main parts / sequences of the three movies. In 3 subgroups the aim was to build new scenarios mixing the different cards but also adding new ones. Three hybrid scenarios came out and covered, in a complementary way, different aspects of the Gironde challenges. – Recording of the presentations of the three hybrid scenarios.


– Viewing of the three scenarios elaborated during the first workshop. – Group discussion over the best and inspiring bits and pieces of each scenario in order to build one single strong and coherent scenario. – Illustration exercise: everyone was invited to illustrate with hand drawings what will be the visual identity of the film – Live recording of the movie: manual animation of the drawings and voice over by the stakeholders themselves


– Watching the movie: ‘Gironde, territory of social co-responsibility’ – Group discussion on the different parts of the movie that needs to be re-done and explained – co-elaboration of a new narration – Recording short side-videos of a panel of targeted people explaining/clarifying complex and specific notions (legal, financial, ethical, and organizational issues) – Co-writing a second movie to explain what is the concept of Z.O.E: les Zones Opérationnelles Expérimentales ; to explain a notion, a part of the main movie ‘Gironde, territory of social co-responsibility’.


Take a look at the two movies (french speaking) that were co-elaborated and enjoy this new vision of co-responsibility:

A21_Capsule ZOE

A21_Gironde_Territoire de coresponsabilité sociétale en 2033