Reinventing teaching


Reinventing teaching

Do you remember all the fun you had when your teacher told you stories with small figurines? It is the reason why Céline imagined Story Apron, with 9 different pockets that allow to put the figurines into context at each stage of a story. At CRÉAlab, Céline trains students to become teachers and shows them how to create their own storytelling material!

Créer des objets pédagogiques ensemble

CRÉAlab is a creative and collaborative making workshop that designs, adjusts and shares learning objects.

Within the National Higher Institute of Professorship and Education of Villeneuve d’Ascq, it welcomes beginning or experienced teachers, and all professionals using or creating objects to train, educate and teach. It is an open place, backed by a virtual space, that promotes meeting and exchange, in order to support creation and manufacturing of teaching objects, such as mathematical games, science and geography models, story boxes and carpets, etc.

CRÉAlab is a unique place, enabling the constitution of a community of practice based on the Maker philosophy, mutual aid, sharing, collective intelligence and expertise, all for the pleasure of learning of students and pupils! 

Minilab and CRÉAlab…

One of Lille’s call for proposals, Makers 2018,helped to focus energies and resources, which resulted in the construction of the Minilab. Over an area of ​​150 m2, the Minilab is in fact a prototype of CRÉAlab. It welcomes people with educational projects and provides them, free of charge, with a venue, high-performance tools, examples of productions and expertises. The Minilab, fully operational now for 6 months, has made it possible to experiment the activities of the laboratory, for the creation of teaching objects, to test and co-develop the operational procedures and ambitions of the future CRÉAlab, which will cover an area of 800 m2, to welcome even more diversified and ambitious projects, plus whole groups of students and their teachers!

  • Project holders: INSPE, Institut national supérieur du professorat et de l’éducation de Villeneuve d’Ascq
  • Designer: CRÉAlab
  • Stakeholders: Lycée Professionnel Dynah Derycke, Villeneuve d´Ascq
  • Photo credits: CRÉAlab