Radius Zone: Intelligent lifestyle facing COVID-19

POC Radius Zone, Beijing- CN

Radius Zone: Intelligent lifestyle facing COVID-19

Do you really need to wait for your turn in the barber shop? Do you know the real-time numbers of customers in the supermarket? Or the density of people around the public facility where you want to exercise? The Radius Zone App integrates multi-dimensional service information about the surrounding community through a platform with instant data for citizens, to help them plan accordingly their social activities. Especially during the pandemic, such data is useful to avoid unnecessary exposure to the virus and potential infection, i.e. to keep social distance.

Convenience and safety

Radius Zoneis a data based intelligent community platform. The platform collects and integrates many types of real-time data, including geographic information, population density and nearby business service information, all brought together into a real-time map. In line with Shanghai’s established policy —to split community facilities according to the “15-minute community life circle” —the platform is convenient for households and helps people avoid crowds during epidemics like COVID-19.

Convenience and timesaving

Thanks to the platform’s community heat map, citizensare able to check crowd density and the availability of nearby business services. Through the route planning function, users can avoid high-risk areas and save time. In addition, the platform cooperates with markets for advertising purposes and thus, even a recommendation function could be developed. All to ensure the basic living services for users. 

Nevertheless, the project encountered difficulties. During the conception period, people were confined, so alternative measures had to be taken, such as using WeChat and online questionnaires to carry out research. Based on its design and existing technology, the App provides more meaningful services for users. Its design could also be extended further and develop more than first imagined.

  • Project holders: Zhao Meng, Songling Gao, Si Yu
  • Designers: Academy of Arts & Design- Tsinghua University
  • Photo credits: Zhao Meng, Songling Gao, Si Yu