Social unity for volunteers

POC Volun!ty, Wuxi- CN

Social unity for volunteers

Many volunteers have emerged in the last couple of months, but many lack protective materials. Some volunteers have really heavy tasks, while others have no task at all. You donate to volunteers, but you get no follow-up feedback. If we are to face an epidemic again, how might we gather them faster? It’s time to raise social forces in order to establish a system for volunteering.

Assistance for volunteers and volunteering for society 

Volun!ty is a PSS developed in cooperation with the government, communities and charitable foundations that aims to provide a help service composed of volunteers, establishing a ‘supply’ of volunteers. 

PSS normalises volunteer work, maximises their rational distribution, improves their work efficiency, ensures their physical and mental safety and achieves rapid docking of callers, volunteers and donors.

After the pandemic, Volun!ty will continue to provide their services and accompany volunteers in their development. Some volunteers will be invited to join the Reserve Volunteers’ program. Reserve volunteers help society, and correspondingly, society provides them with better welfare through Volun!ty.

A virtuous circle in order to achieve assistance

Firstly, PSS leads a registration process in cooperation with the volunteer’s association, so that PSS can have a supply of volunteers, allocate volunteer resources more reasonably and provide them with better services.

Then, Volun!ty integrates the information related to the voluntary activity and the help-seeking, establishing a sharing resource, to be distributed to volunteersintelligently. In the case of an emergency, they provide the government and other organisations with the help needed and the government provides them in return with corresponding benefits, so as to attract more volunteers.  

Volun!ty is responsible for the training, assessment and materials. PSS cooperates with suppliers and customises trainings, assessment, protective kits, supply stations, offline rest stations, self-service disinfection stations, etc. according to different situations. 

Finally, Volun!ty provides a donation applet to the Red Cross and other charities. Donors can choose various programs to help volunteers directly and get feedback on it. 

  • Project holders :NU-Desis-Lab, School of Design – Jiangnan University
  • Designers :Hang Zhao, Jiaqi Xiao, Yujie Chen, Jiayu Lin
  • Stakeholders : DESIS China
  • Photo credits : NU-Desis-Lab, School of Design – Jiangnan University