Mapping out third places!

POC La Compagnie des Tiers-Lieux

Mapping out third places!

Need a machine? Want advice on how to move forward with your project? Tired of working at home? Want to get involved in your neighbourhood? 

Explore the territory’s third places! No totem places, no demonstrations, but a journey through Lille in order to discover all these unique and complementary places.

Doing together

Third places are spaces to be invented, to be tested and lived collectively. 

They are defined by what users do with them: coworking, fablab, repair café, cultural, craft or agricultural activities… Located in the city or in the countryside, third places enable us to share a space, to work differently, create an activity, develop ideas, experiment with services, test uses… and to materialise desires for ecological and societal transitions. There are big and small third places. Some are downright strange, others are very neat, others on the other hand are rougher. 

User paths 

How do you talk about them? How do you make people want to go there? Simply put, by drawing a map together that talks about territories and paths to be tested. La Compagnie des Tiers-Lieuxorganises sessions with each place’s animators in the Living Lab of the World Capital of Design. It is an invitation to create together paths for the area’s users… A tourist, a Flemish contemporary art curator, a carpenter from the Chapelle d’Armentières, a student from Lille… all of them have drawn paths on a territory that plays on complementarity. The paths then go on to the graphic studio Atelier Bien-Vu, to be transformed into a map to be hanged at home, along with path sheets that let you discover the area’s richness. In addition, there are paths animated by La Compagnie des Tiers-Lieux and a mobile app.

  • Project holders :Compagnie des Tiers-Lieux
  • Designers : L’Atelier Bien-Vu
  • Stakeholders : Lille 2020-Capitale Mondiale du Design, Work Lys, La Loco, laCoFabrik,Metalu, La Condition Publique, UCL, La Coroutine, Le ForumDépartemental des Sciences, Coopérative Baraka, la MEL, le Bazar St So, plateaufertile, l’Université de Lille, La Chaufferie, le Polder, la bricole, le fabricarium,Techshop
  • Photo credit : L’Atelier Bien-Vu