Design Acupuncture

How can design facilitate collaboration in the city so as to create supportive, sustainable and democratic lifestyles? 

Within the context of Lille 2020, World Design Capital, the Maison POC Collaborative City explores more than a hundred local and global projects as a way of identifying emerging visions of sharing, mutual aid and cooperation. 

This publication looks back on two years of investigative work carried out by the curatorial team around the territory’s projects, the public, private and citizen actors who have carried them out and the designers who attended them. It combines these projects with those of DESIS labs in design schools and universities around the world, with the design of doing and living together in the European cities of the URBACT networks, and shows how the activation of a set of selected projects acts as a form of acupuncture for the territory and a transformation of a complex system of interrelated actors through a multitude of design projects, from which emerge fifteen new types of collaboration and which constitute models to inspire the design of a more collaborative city.  

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