About the prospective exercise

How can we rethink governance to facilitate local sustainable transformations? This blog presents two parallel researches on the future of Agenda 21: > a foresight group called Rio+20 and after: the future of Agendas 21 promoted by the Bureau des Territoires of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, and Energy; > a projective assessment […]


The World Summit in 1992 in Rio was expecting a large deployment of Agenda 21. This process started at various pace according countries. In France and in the Brussels-Capital Region in Belgium, both cases focused by this blog, Agenda 21 respectively took off in the 00’s with the definition of a French Agenda 21 local […]


Both scenarios building processes took place over at the same period between Autumn 2011 and Spring 2012. Beyond the similarities in goals leveraging on Rio+20 event to question achievements of Agenda 21 local processes and involve stakeholders to co-develop scenarios exploring their possible futures, the respective national context in France covering between 700 and 800 […]


This part of the blog will discuss the scenarios as a whole and focus on the main instantiations of the new governance they put forward. By ‘instantiations of new governance’ we mean the specific instruments, processes, measures, services, places… on which the scenario originality and credibility is based. But beforehand, we need to clarify what […]