About the prospective exercise

How can we rethink governance to facilitate local sustainable transformations?

This blog presents two parallel researches on the future of Agenda 21:

> a foresight group called Rio+20 and after: the future of Agendas 21 promoted by the Bureau des Territoires of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, and Energy;

> a projective assessment aiming at outlining the development of Agendas Iris 21 of the Brussels-Capital region promoted by Belgium regional Ministry of Environment, Energy and Urban Renovation.

You can read more about the methodological processes designed for participative scenarios building and based on collaborative workshops with Agenda 21 stakeholders, immersion sessions in the local institutions, collaborative scenario building, investigation of Agenda 21 identity, active partnership with ordering institutions and open communication process.

Finally you can read more about the discussion on the different emerging designs of policy instruments from the scenarios such as hybrid forms of partnership, platforms to support multilevel transversally, participative visioning, transformation of public action by an acupuncture of micro-experimentations or co-evolution between experience of participants and experimentation of new solutions.