Enabling pre school education in the poor rural areas where there are no kindergardens Key Innovation Educating children 3-5 years old from rural areas of high unemployment, by creating small kindergardens, which then become centers of local initiatives. Problematic background and context The “When There’s No Preschool” programme is carried out in the countryside, where […]


Radio program that enables to exchange used things between the listeners. Key Innovation “Exchange corner” is a radio program that enables to get rid of used or unneeded stuff or to exchange them to the things or services one needs. Problematic background and context For 15 years now there has been an exchange programme at […]


Retired people giving helping-hand to old, sick or disabled pensioners. Key Innovation The Senior’s Club provides a space for making new social contacts and sharing experiences and memories. Problematic background and context Zandrijk is a new housing estate in Eindhoven, located on the former army air base “Welschap”. As many new housing estates, it suffers […]


Delivery of mineral water and food from the Strug Valley to the individual customers in the cities Key Innovation Enabling farmers from the Strug Valley to sell their organic products by organizing a delivery network to individual customers in the cities. Problematic background and context The Strug Valley is a microregion containing 4 communes, around […]


Reviving the sheep breeding in Poland Problematic background and context The initiator of this idea is Roman Kluska, a well-known Polish businessman whose permanent address is in Nowy Sacz. The Nowy Sacz region is quite mountainous, with the highest unemployment rate in the Malopolska province, of which the village residents have an 80% share. This […]


Once a year the owners of the shops leave them open a few hours longer. Key Innovation An annual street festival promoting shops, restaurants, galleries and integrating inhabitants of the Bracka street. Problematic background and context Bracka and Golebia are small streets located in the centre of Cracow. The owners of the majority of the […]


manufacturing and selling the organic agriculture products Key Innovation The idea of the movement is to support ecologically pure and healthy lifestyle, which balances human and its surroundings. Problematic background and context The organized organic farming movement in Estonia is very young. It started with the establishment of the “Estonian Bio-dynamic Association” already in 1989 […]


recycling of the old furniture Problematic background and context In the moving process from one place to an othere, or in the process of repairing the flats, people don’t find use for their old furniture, but it might be still usable for others. The aims of the project are also environmentalism and a wish to […]


A provider of housing for the young. Key Innovation Oranssi ry renovates houses for the young people with the help of the young people themselves. Problematic background and context Oranssi emerged in Helsinki during a deep recession about ten years ago. Rents (and deposits) in the city were and remain very high, and there is […]


Buildings made from natural and recycled materials and powered by renewable sources. Key Innovation An Earthship is a passive solar building with thermal mass. It is made from natural and recycled materials, including earth-rammed tyres and aluminium cans. It is powered by renewable energy, such as wind, water and solar power, catches its own water […]