Oliviers Servais / Brussels, Le Debut des Haricots

Oliviers Servais / Brussels, Le Debut des Haricots
Visioning 2018

2018 / Stressed employed become an urban farmer, he’s got a small piece of land in the city reachable by bike. He grow his food and share it with neighbors in exchange of favors

Joséphine Henrion / Brussels Environment

Joséphine Henrion / Brussels Environment
Visioning 2018

2018 / Consumer is able to choose product with transparent information about producer, where it come from and the environmental impact of the production.

Distribution platform for sustainable food products in Brussels

Since two years we have been trying to set up a distribution platform for sustainable products but do to several difficulties (practical, commercial…) we have not yet succeeded.

Josèphine Henrion / GASAP, Brussels Environment

23/04/13 Speed presentation night,
Inspirational meeting in Amersfoort

Josèphine Henrion / GASAP
from Brussels Environment

Local market in university campus context

Local market inside the University campus to respond to the specific demand of students

GASAP network

Collective procurement of fruits and/or vegetables baskets

Eco Iris

April 24, 2013 Contributor: Brussels (LP) Workshop: Governance, synergies and local systems / Branding/label Complementary currency to promote sustainable behaviours and consumption.   The motivation was to encourage citizens to adopt more environmentally friendly behaviours and make more sustainable consumer choices when shopping, including when purchasing food. The idea was to go beyond raising awareness and providing […]

Brussels TURAS workshop on Innovative Sustainable Food Business Models

On 7 May, the TURAS project (FP7) explored with local stakeholders new hybrid-combinations bewteen products and services systems in order to develop new creative and sustainable food business opportunities (both economically viable and creating new jobs) for the Brussels-Capital Region, through story telling & considering interesting cases to address strategic stakes. Several participants of the […]

Bristol and Brussels shortlisted for European Green Capital 2015

The two partner cities have been chosen as finalists along with Glasgow and Ljubljana for the European Green Capital 2015 Award organised by the European Commission.  The Award is an annual prize that goes to one city, singling out its environmental performance. While the award does not include specific indicators for the sustainability of the […]

Snow does not deter Local Support Group Members to build a vision on “delivering” in Brussels for 2025

Despite the falling snow that disturbed Brussels transports, over 20 Local Support Group members met on the afternoon of 11 March to build a first vision on “delivering” in Brussels for 2025. La réunion a débuté par une présentation du projet « sustainable food in urban communities », et de la méthodologie et du planning proposé pour […]