How Lyon is reaching new customers for organic food & mutualising events

1) Reaching new customers for organic food:  (click to enlarge picture)                     View guide ARDAB is a local organic producers’ NGO. Besides working toward producers to foster organic farming, they also promote organic food toward customers. About 5 years ago, in order to reach new potential customers, […]

Vaslui hosts transnational ENJOYING workshop

Wednesday 17 September 2014 Workshops LAP Progress & Challenges (1/2): Five partner cities presented in plenary the state of the art of their LAP, the progress they have made since the last meeting in Lyon, the challenge they still encounter and the roadmap they envision to finalize their LAP and get it approved. Communication, deliverables […]

Vaslui “Enjoying” Workshop II on 16-18 September 2014

2nd 2,5-day international workshop to discuss”Enjoying” for network partners & selected guests. The theme of Enjoying explores how people in the city can embrace a sustainable, happy, healthy and vibrant food culture in canteens and households. It includes increasing the demand for sustainable food (e.g. local products, without pesticides, seasonal and fresh products…) and encouraging […]