Watch now the video of the city of Gotherburg that commit to place sustainable food high on the political city agenda for 2015 and beyond!

More education and knowledge about healthy food in Gothenburg LAP

The second largest city in Sweden takes full responsibility for how the consumption of food impacts on the environment and human health. A local action plan in Gothenburg is taking form. There are discussions and decisions taken to develope a local food policy plan. We see a shift in attitude and a desire to recreate […]

Organic public meals promoted in the city of Gothenburg

The local administration in Lundby (a part of the city of Gothenburg) is in the lead of serving organic food. They are now serving almost 50 (fifty) per cent organic meals (49, 4 per cent) in canteens for schools and in homes for elderly (canteens). A couple of months ahead the city of Gothenburg got […]

Brunnsbo swedish school chef won a silver medal in World championship

Even Bakke, a Swedish school-chef won silver-medal in World championship in Luxemburg (Luxembourg nov 2014), for cooking good and tasteful for many persons. Even Bakke is a master chef at the Brunnsbo School in the north-eastern parts of Gothenburg. Bakke was one in a team of Swedish School Restaurants. In the competition the team was […]

Gothenburg takes place in an organic food ranking

Ulla L and the City of Gothenburg receives a diploma

The amount of organic served meals in the city of Gothenburg is now 27 per cent. Therefore the city of Gothenburg is qualified in the Ekomatsliga, “organic food- ranking”. In October 2014 Ulla Lundgren, local coordinator in Sustainble Food, went to Stockholm to receive a diploma. More than 25 per cent of organic food is the […]


Way out West a Swedish music festival that goes veggie for the third year = Zero Meat

  Way out West is a music festival in Gothenburg that has became known in Sweden, and also in the rest of Europe. Famous and great artists attend the festival (also from abroad) visiting the city, playing music and thousands of visitors enjoying good food and music for several days, in a park in the centre of […]

Even Bakke Swedish chef wins prize as ”School-chef of the Year” in Sweden

Even Bakke, a Swedish school-chef wins prize as “School-chef of the Year” in Sweden. He is a known chef in the URBACT-project. Even Bakke is a master chef at the Brunnsbo School in the north-eastern parts of Gothenburg. The prize was awarded by the Swedish prince Carl-Philip at a ceremony in early April this year. […]

Messina Growing Meeting Speed presentation E. Naqvi

URBACT Transnational Messina Growing meeting / Speed presentation E. Naqvi (Gothenburg)

The Passion for Food Festival, Gothenburg 28 of February – 2 of March 2014 Eriksberghallen, Gothenburg

The Passion for Food Festival is an Establish event in Gothenburg, where food enthusiasts can find a existing range of handpicked producers as well as ingredients from quality suppliers of food and drinks.