Way out West a Swedish music festival that goes veggie for the third year = Zero Meat

  Way out West is a music festival in Gothenburg that has became known in Sweden, and also in the rest of Europe. Famous and great artists attend the festival (also from abroad) visiting the city, playing music and thousands of visitors enjoying good food and music for several days, in a park in the centre of […]

Even Bakke Swedish chef wins prize as ”School-chef of the Year” in Sweden

Even Bakke, a Swedish school-chef wins prize as “School-chef of the Year” in Sweden. He is a known chef in the URBACT-project. Even Bakke is a master chef at the Brunnsbo School in the north-eastern parts of Gothenburg. The prize was awarded by the Swedish prince Carl-Philip at a ceremony in early April this year. […]

New and latest EU- directive will make public procurement more effective. Good news for Sweden.

Nya EU-direktiv ska ge enklare och mer effektiv offentlig upphandling Idag har EU:s ministerråd antagit tre nya direktiv för offentlig upphandling. Förhandlingarna har pågått i flera år och målet är att de nya direktiven ska skapa ett enklare och mer effektivt upphandlingsregelverk och bland annat göra det lättare för små och medelstora företag att konkurrera […]