Oslo transnational “Growing” workshop programme & presentations

Thursday 10 September 2013 Morning Welcome Workshop: “Multiple functions of growing in urban context” at “Slottsbiblioteket”, National library of Norway Key note presentation by Erik Joner, Bioforsk: Is urban pollution a menace to urban agriculture? Partner exchanges (based on partner contributions) Recreational, educational, social cohesion, production…new uses of public & private spaces. Site visits: Geitmyra […]

Susanne Thomaier / TU Berlin / “Growing” Speed presentation

The author asked to remove her presentation that is no more available for the community. 10/09/2013 Speed presentation night at the transnational meeting at Oslo.

National Rural Development Programme 2007 – 2013

27th September, 2013 Contributor:  Vaslui Funding sources for the development of sustainable food production in areas around Vaslui     National Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 (RDP) is the program that gives non reimbursable funds to private and public investment for development of villages in Romania, funds from the EU budget (EUR 8 billion) and national […]

Forestry Department Vaslui – certified organic producer for wild flora and forest fruits

27th. September, 2013 Contributor:  Vaslui Producer Code RO 2210     Forestry Department Vaslui is a territorial unit without legal personality in the structure of National Forest Administration, which through activities based on economic management and financial autonomy must cover all expenses and obtain profit. Vaslui Forestry Department develops its activities in the counties of […]

Procedura oficiala de inscriere a unei ferme vegetale in sistemul de agricultura ecologica din Romania

27th August, 2013 Contributor:  Vaslui Research on Urban Farming in and on buildings     left: Sigla UE, right: Sigla Romania Steps: Before beginning their activity, manufacturers are required to register at the County Agriculture Departments from the area where they operate, by filling in the standardized registration in ecological agriculture, To contact an Inspection […]

Zero-acreage Farming (ZFarming)

31th August, 2013 Contributor: Susanne Thomaier, TU Berlin Research on Urban Farming in and on buildings     Concept ZFarm is a research project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which explores functionalities and innovative practices of farming in and on urban buildings. A growing number of urban farming projects are being […]

One example of integrated production: DAIQUI (“from here”)

3. September, 2013 Contributor:  Ourense City Council “From the land to the home” is possible in Ourense perimeter   Concept They are a group of farmers with ecological sensibility organized to farm fresh and healthy food under Eco agriculture principles. This group is located on a little village called Rairiz on the south of Ourense. […]

Ourense Vegetable gardens

3. September, 2013 Contributor:  Ourense City Council A successful example of urban orchards focused to education on a rururban mid-term city     Concept When this local policy started on 2010 “urban orchards” still were trend models of socio-environmental policy on Galicia. They were growing on entire region with this kind of initiatives on all […]

University Greenhouse

3. September, 2013 Contributor:  Ourense City Council A Hothouse project managed by university students   Concept Turn on a abandoned infrastructure focusing to local food production: This big greenhouse (2500m2), located at center of Ourense Campus was abandoned by university last year because lack of research initiatives linked to austerity measures.   Result Promoted by […]

Rezoning Konows gate 40

8th August, 2013 Contributor:  Oslo Bakerenga park temporary allotment gardens   Concept Konows gate 40 was an empty lot in a residential area in downtown Oslo. The lot is being rezoned into a park which is a multiannual process. To prevent the lot from being rented out to for example to construction purposes, the Agency […]