Rezoning Konows gate 40

8th August, 2013

Contributor:  Oslo

Bakerenga park temporary allotment gardens



Konows gate 40 was an empty lot in a residential area in downtown Oslo. The lot is being rezoned into a park which is a multiannual process. To prevent the lot from being rented out to for example to construction purposes, the Agency for Urban Environment, decided to set up a temporary allotment garden using pallet collars in the spring of 2013.



40 citizens now dispose 2 square meter allotments.



The lot which would otherwise be lying fallow as a gravel space now is a lush allotment garden. Allotment gardens are in great demand in Oslo and turning Konows gate 40 into an allotment garden provides 40 allotments for about 2 years or more.


Pro and Contra

Pro:  The common critique is that Oslo needs more permanent allotment gardens.

Contra: The practicalities of setting up a temporary allotment garden using pallet collars. Setting up temporary allotment gardens as a way of using derelict land (?)


Question to the network

Would it be interesting to the network to learn how to set up a pallet collar allotment garden? We are also developing a guide on how to establish an allotment garden (different models). Would this be useful to the network?