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The second largest city in Sweden takes full responsibility for how the consumption of food impacts on the environment and human health. A local action plan in Gothenburg is taking form. There are discussions and decisions taken to develope a local food policy plan. We see a shift in attitude and a desire to recreate the food-chain and to be an active part of the chain – from field to fork. The inhabitants want to know where food comes from, how it is produced and that the food on the plate is as good, beneficial and nutritious as possible.
The City of Gothenburg Sustainable Food Plan aims to provide an overalls account of measures and activities related to food, environment and sustainability within the city´s operating areas. The ULSG, Local Support Group in Gothenburg, has followed through the work and influenced issues in a “fruitful” manner.
Key issues for Gothenburg
The ULSG has identified key sustainable food issues in Gothenburg which will form the basis for the three themes under which the measures in the plan will be implemented – locally produced food, education and knowledge and meeting places. Six policies already favour this work. 17, seventeen, actions are decided and some are already being implemented in the process in the city of Gothenburg.