Gothenburg takes place in an organic food ranking

The amount of organic served meals in the city of Gothenburg is now 27 per cent. Therefore the city of Gothenburg is qualified in the Ekomatsliga, “organic food- ranking”. In October 2014 Ulla Lundgren, local coordinator in Sustainble Food, went to Stockholm to receive a diploma. More than 25 per cent of organic food is the goal. Together with 57 cities (and towns) the City of Gothenburg (local administrations) were qualified. The Swedish governement has set the goal of at least 25 per cent organic food, served in canteens.

– This is a proof of that work on a long term basis has given result. The meal organizations in the City should take the credit for that this good work proceeds, says Ulla Lundgren, at the environemental administration, the city of Gothenburg.