Organic public meals promoted in the city of Gothenburg

Chef Johan Fogler and Joachim Johansson

Elias kitchen chef Johan Fogler to the left. His colleague Joachim Johansson.

The local administration in Lundby (a part of the city of Gothenburg) is in the lead of serving organic food. They are now serving almost 50 (fifty) per cent organic meals (49, 4 per cent) in canteens for schools and in homes for elderly (canteens). A couple of months ahead the city of Gothenburg got qualified in the league of organic food in Sweden. (Ekomatsligan) because they are on average serving 27 per cent of organic food in the local administrations in Gothenburg. (canteens in the whole city). This shows that the local administration of Lundby is on the leading edge.
– Organic food is a priority and we work with seasonal food, it takes more hours to cook food from “scratch”. We want to aim even higher, says Johan Fogler, chef in the Elias kitchen, in Gothenburg.