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Brussels / Opportunities and challenges

A strong engagement with food Beyond the cliché of chips and mussels, Brussels inhabitants and policy makers show strong interest in food. Policy documents address all stages of the local food chain, notably the 2009 governmental declaration (see introduction)that lead to the adoption of a Regional Action Programme of Support to Sustainable Food Demand in 2012; […]

Brussels / food and sustainability

For many years, Brussels has taken numerous actions to address the environmental challenges specific to a green modern city-region. For example, as a signatory of the “Covenant of Mayors” Brussels aims to become a low carbon city by 2025. After having engaged in sustainable food research and actions for several years, “sustainable food” was explicitly established […]

Brussels / Main characteristics

Brussels is well known as a dynamic, active and pleasant city for its visitors and inhabitants. Its main market square, a UNESCO heritage site bordered by 15th century corporation houses is considered among the most beautiful places in the world. Brussels also owes its attractiveness to its quality of life: half of the territory is covered […]