Welcome EU Urbact sustainable food partners to Amersfoort!

Amersfoort is host city for the transnational meeting of the cities who are participating in the Urbact sustainable food for urban communities project starting at 23 th until 25 th of April.

The main program is focused on the subtheme ‘delivering’ starting with two keynote speakers on Delivering – Jan Willem van der Schans and Peter Terwindt, followed by the policy on sustainable and regional food by the municipalities contract catering company Vitam. In the afternoon a site visit to the Landwinkel farmshop ‘De Kopermolen’ and a visit to the allotments garden Tuinpark Laakzijde is planned. In the evening there is a ‘meet & eat’ session with several local initiatives in Amersfoort and the EU partners.

The next day the workshop sessions on the Delivering theme are planned at the site of the CSA farm ‘Het Derde Erf’ after which the participants will bike themselves the Dutch way to the next site visit at Plus Supermarket who will inform them on there policy to incorporate organic and regional foods within their regular sortiment.

Please check our blog for an updated review of this transnational meeting.