Partner cities meet to “Enjoy” sustainable food in Gothenburg

Participants of URBACT Gothenburg workshop

Happy participants in the Gothenburg workshop. 29 of May 2013. Site visit at Larjeans Café and Gardens. Photo: Ivan Tosics.

Interesting and enjoyable days on the theme “Enjoying” was held at the workshop-days in Gothenburg, end of May 2013. For the first time all the cities were able to participate. Almost 30 (thirty) participants, from ten different countries were represented. We were honored to have the guest speaker, Ulrike Stocker, from the city of Vienna, with us. Pole Manager Ivan Tosics (MRI), were also represented.

Three days with the content of workshop, resilience test, speed-presentation night and micro-consulting. The group made site-visits at; for example: a canteen for elderly people (connected to the municipality of Gothenburg). Micro-consulting was held at a small urban farm, in the north-east parts of Gothenburg (Galaxen, Bergsjön). We also had a workshop at Lärjeåns café and gardens, where the project (public company) has the objective to create social enterprises. We also visited a church (Bergsjöns kyrka) that connect people and also for some extents help less affluent with social and economical assistance.

Keywords from Gothenburg that we will have reason to come back to: food-print, slow-food, pleasure, global approach, taste samples, good food/less good food, empower the people, “food-waste advisers”, second-hand gardening, what if… happens, seasonal vegetables, use knowledge from immigrant families etc.