Energy consumption for cooking and CO2 emissions associated

May 28, 2013

Contributor: Vaslui

Resource efficiency – CO2 reduction /   State of the art


ALEEM Vaslui Municipality took the initiative of making an inventory of final energy consumption in Vaslui Municipality in 2010, to be introduced to local decision makers and stakeholders, to motivate them to work towards reducing the CO2 in the city.


What is the result ?

–       Final Energy Consumption (without industry and agriculture) = 570 GWh

–       Final energy consumption in the residential sector = 280GWh

–       Final energy consumption for cooking = 20GWh (3.6% of final energy consumption in the city – no industry and agriculture)

–       The amount of CO2 released from cooking = 0.202 toCO2 / MWh * 20.000Mwh = 4.040 (2.2% of total annual emissions)

–       To absorb CO2 emitted from cooking is necessary to plant and getting to maturity of 675,000 trees (4.280Ha)



–       Average annual consumption for cooking in a flat with 3 rooms = 1808 kWh

–       Annual CO2 emissions = 1808kWh * 0.202 Kg / Kwh = 365 kg CO2 (equiv. to 60 trees)

Average specific consumption of natural gas for cooking:

–       Dec-Jan-Feb = 11m3/pers/month

–       March-Oct-Nov = 8 m3/pers/month

–       April, May, September = 8 m3 / month / person

–       June, July, August = 5.5 m3 / month / person

The database was used to establish short-term mid and long term goals of the local policy, included in sustainable energy action plan of Vaslui Municipality, approved by the Covenant of Mayors.

Database could be useful in developing sustainable the local action plan in sustainable food

Do you know about any initiative of such an inventory?