Restaurant Everest Vaslui

May 28, 2013

Contributor: Vaslui

Governance, synergies and local systems /   Restaurants,  Final consumers: General Public


As a food tradition in our country, during winter, we are used to have at about all of our lunches/dinners for the main course, as garnish, sour pickels, and so, allmost every customer eating in restaurants during winter asks for these pickels. The owner of this restaurant needed to find a way to please the customers in the most qualitative (natural) and less expensive way for him and for the customers because the the quantity needed is big and also to buy them from the market is very expensive and with a low quality.


The owner of this restaurant, managed to build himself in the back of the restaurant a storage structure, where he can prepare/maintain at the right temperature the pickels that he needed, by going himself to the local market at the right time to buy the “ingredients” (cabbages, cucumbers, peppers) directly from the local producers.


The benefits are pretty clear, his investment in the structure is allmost absorbed, the customer has acces to natural well-made pickels and therefore satisfied, the producer from the local market sells his goods in big quantities at once.


We think it is a good practice from all points of view, and as a solution /idea it can be implemented in a lot of restaurants from our partner cities.


Do you think it is a good practice, and do you also have restaurants with similar ideas?