Matching food use and seasons

May 28, 2013

Contributor: Vaslui

Governance, synergies and local systems /   Restaurants,  Final consumers:  Low-income Households & multi-ethnic communities
Social inclusion, job creation, economics /  Eating more sustainably within a limited budget

Romania weather is divided in 4 seasons, with summers having perfect temperatures for us to plant and grow a lot of vegetables and cold winters with temperatures going up to -30 degrees Celcius, which doesn’t allow us to plant allmost anything during this time.


The solution consists of a great traditional culture of preserving in different ways and shapes a lot of vegetables and fruits. We make pickels from cabbages (in salty water), cucumbers (in vinegar), hot peppers (in vinegar), cauliflowers (in vinegar), green tomatoes, red tomatoes and the list can continue with a lot of other vegetables; we are also making from different fruits (local seasonal fruits – cherries, strawberries, peaches, apples, quinces, forest fruits and so on) gems, juices and compots.


All of these things above are intended to substitute some of our needs during the cold season, when we prefer consuming al of these vegetables in this shape and state than in the “fresh” form of them that we can find in the hipermarkets during the winter time also.


We can say that the pro facts of this tradition is that we are making our own pickels – gems – juices inside our households (either we directly have acces to vegetables and fruits by growing them into our gardens, or we are going to the local markets to buy them especially for this).


We really think that these traditions can be very easily applied and used in any of our partner country.


As a question for the netowrk, we are curious to know if any of our partners have the same traditions, and if yes, maybe to make an exchange of know-how in this domain.