April 24, 2013

Contributor:   Vaslui

Workshop: Social inclusion, job creation, economics /  Education/formation and research sustainable food 

The Government of Romania wanted to initiate a program in schools to encourage the consumption of healthy food around the students.

The main result is that in 2002 the Government of Romania introduced in schools the program called “Bread stick and milk” addressed to kids being in kindergartens and to students in primary schools.

In 2010, the Government of Romania launched a program called “Apples in schools” by which every student between grades 1-8 at state education but also in private schools are to receive for free a fresh fruit/day for 100 school days during November-March period of the year.

There is not a concrete evaluation of the benefits, most of them should be in behaviour change and education from alimentation point of view, as numbers we know that from the program “A bread stick and a milk” almost 2 millions of young students have their bread stick and their milk every school day on their desk at lunch.