Beans are building our biceps – a competition for forthgraders in Gothenburg – to invent an make a dish that is good/healthy for the environment

the winning plate of Gothenburg-school

The winning plate of Gothenburg school. Photo:

Beans builds biceps is a competition for fourthgraders in Gothenburg. Every local administration has been invited by the City of Gothenburg (schools). For the pupils in the fourth grade the task is to find or invent new recipes and compose an sustainable meal. The meals should content a lot of vegetables and legimus (legimounos), the right kind of fish or ecological meat. It should also be seasonal and produce as little waste as possible. In the start of the competiton the students gets a class about good food and knowledge about the environment. During the weeks the competition continues, the pupils also weight their food-waste in school. The prize is that a famous chef in Gothenburg will cook the winning recipe togetheter with the children. The winner turned out to be Angasskolan (Ängåsskolan), in the west parts of Gothenburg.
The environmental administration and the local administrations in Gothenburg (head of units), made this concept of “Beans build biceps” together. (Sustainable Meals).