A 100 (hundred) per cent ecological meat in the public kitchens of Gothenburg

The political majority in Gothenburg (the social democrats, the Green party and Swedish Left Party) has made a decision (statement and intention) that all food in public kitchens and within procurement shall be a hundred (100) per cent ecological meat. The goal started already in year 2011. Thus the new whole-contracts starts to run on the first of November of 2014. It will be a reality that public kitchens cannot longer serve, chicken, pork, and for example bacon that is not a hundred per cent ecological. Gothenburg and Sweden have a high amount of public kitchens, where they serve lunch to school-children and dinner for elderly people. This statement will show that the demand for ecological meat increases, and the providers has to extend the range of ecological food products.

This is a decision that is difficult to make reality of (it is not that easy to find and buy ecolgical meat, in public procurement, this is a statement and intention by the politicians.