Update: Follow-up Urban Food Strategy Mix workshop

Follow-up Urban Food Strategy Mix workshop

Your Feedback matters

After the enthousisastic exchanges, on 5 February 2014 in Brussels with stakeholders from over 40 cities, do let us know your Feed back and Suggestions so that we can enrich the exchanges of our network.

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Many of you expressed interest in the presentations, videos and Background documents.
We now have the pleasure to let you know that they are online on our blog.

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Contribute information about your own experience & research in the field…

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work in progress based on city exchanges in 2012 and 2013 to be enriched and finalised in 2014.

Baseline study with 10 city profiles (Oct 2012)

Interim Thematic Report “Delivering (Nov 2013) explores ways to distribute, share and procure local food inside the city.

Interim Thematic Report “Enjoying (Dec 2013) list of cases promoting sustainable food consumption (public & private).

Interim Thematic Report “Growing (Jan 2014) draft list of cases on urban & peri-urban food production activities.

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