Sustainable food in european cities

More and more cities are interested in sustainable food and are moving towards local strategies to establish local food systems.

 “The way we eat affects the city we live in. The food we grow, the way we produce and distribute it, the distance it travels and the people and businesses we buy it from all have a profound effect on the place we call home. Food can change the landscape of our city, the strength of our local economy, the health and wellbeing of our population and the opportunities open to our young people.” (Edible Edinburgh)


In the United Kingdom :

Bristol (1) and its report Who feeds Bristol? (part of the network)

Durham and its Sustainable Local Food Strategy 2014-2020

Edinburgh and its Sustainable Food City Plan

Leicester and its Food Plan 2014-16

London and its Healthy and Sustainable Food strategy 


In France :

Aubagne and its Charte pour une agriculture durable (1) (in French)


In Germany :

In Berlin, the project of Clara and Guillaume aims at analysing projects to propose potential developments and reflexions for those who wish to initiate food projects.