Amersfoort dissemination event

The Urbact project is almost finished for our city, but ‘real food’ will stay on the agenda of dedicated  initiatives and the municipality. Also the implementation of our Local Action Plan is in full swing. Time for a wrap up conference on February 19th: What did we do on our Urbact Food journey , international with our EU partners and local within our food network. What did we learn and how can we share our experiences and insights with new parties and cities in the Netherlands.

Our program

Plenary session:

  1. How did Amersfoort keep sustainable food on the local agenda last 8 years;
  2. A comparison in a timeline and highlights on the international meetings and local actions regarding the Urbact project;
  3. What did we achieve (LAP) and what is still ‘ in progress’, and what kind of practical tools can be recommended to others?
  4. How will we continue after Urbact?
  5. Signing of the Dutch City Network Urban Farming agenda by an elderman of city council and the local food network.


  1. Food and health: how can local food activities and projects contribute to a better health of citizens;
  2. Food and social participation: What are the benefits of projects connecting growing food in the city with citizens. How to involve them, how to fund the project and what are there results;
  3. Towards a sustainable local food economy: How can new food initiatives contribute to new added values on local economy, sustainability, circular economy, education, social participation;
  4. The role of the municipality in a local network: How can a joint venture between  city administration and local stakeholders contribute to stimulate bottom up approach.

Workshop method: start with a general overview of the topic using transnational and local initiatives as an example, followed by a speed presentation of an local example leading to a micro-consultancy session. All contributors in the plenary session and workshops are locally involved!

We will share our insights after the event with a new post.

150219 foto uitnodiging symposium