Bristol Green Capital 2015 funding for food projects

With funding generated through Bristol’s status as European Green Capital 2015, numerous food projects  have been given the go ahead with £450,000 financial support. The awards were given as Strategic Grants, small grants, Neighbourhood Partnership grants and Quartet grants, a charity that processes and awards grants. Among the long list of beneficiaries were schools, a city farm, a community association, various organisations that support disadvantaged people, a charity that redistributes surplus food, an urban food producers project and an Aquaponic project.

2 of the successful projects were showcased during our final conference ‘Good Food Tour’ on 17th March where we transported participants around food projects in Bristol. ‘Kitchens on prescription’ aims to improve health by encouraging doctors to prescribe cookery lessons for those who would benefit from basic skills in the kitchen, thereby addressing diet related ill health. ‘Lets all cook and eat’ seeks to introduce people to simple low carbon menus by demonstrating throughout the city that delicious meals can be made with the minimal of equipment and simple fresh ingredients.

A baseline monitoring study is meanwhile looking at how success in cultural transformation is going to be measured so that long term change can be optimised by strategic intervention.

Bristol food conference 14 2015 -  chris bahn