Like a big family home!

POC The Big House

Like a big family home!

Open-air cinema, repair cafe, educational chicken coop, within walls festival, solidarity shop, garden of senses, etc. What do all of these ideas (and many others) have to do with each other? They all come from a workshop that brought together in August 2019 different teams from IEM Dabbadiearound the project of ‘The Big House’ of the making together…

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An archipelago of places connected by a common vision

The IEM Dabbadie is an Institute of Motor Education located in Villeneuve d’Ascq which welcomes and supports more than 200 children with disabilities, aged 2 to 20. A mansion of over 1000 m2, integrated into the property complex of the establishment, is looking for a new vocation as a unique meeting place between the disability world and the ordinary world. Called ‘The Big House’, it aims to be a testing ground for working on “universal” settings that encourage collaboration. The world of disability and the ordinary world must not only meet, but also build together in order to better discover and appreciate each other. Children make progress and grow more independent quicker and The Big Housecontributes to a more collaborative and inclusive city. 

Opening up the worlds of fragility and performance

Co-working space, handifablab, artist residence, exhibition space, restaurant, seminar space, partner companies ecosystem, youth employment and training facility, mini-business, etc. The Big House’s activities take place in the social economy realm, which integrates the efficiency and performance of the economic sphere, the common interest of public action and citizen innovation. The place’s design challenge is to facilitate the reception, meeting and collaboration between the different audiences who will meet there.

  • Project holder: IEM Dabbadie
  • Designer: Agence M La Constellation
  • Photo credits: Agence M La Constellation, POC The Big House