Designing responsible and socially responsible brands

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Designing responsible and socially responsible brands

Thinking and questioning a communication school’s pedagogy and organisation, in order enable students to design brands that truly care about its consumers and meet their needs. Designing brands whose values create bonds, brands that make society, this is the challenge of the workshop led by the students of the Creative Design Brandingcourse at ISCOM Lille. 

Placing the user at the centre of the learning process

“While 80% of companies believe that they offer impeccable customer service, only 8% of customers agree with them”.ISCOM aims to put the user at the centre of the brand’s design learning process. The school’s belief is based on the fact that brands will play an important role in making the world more collaborative and sustainable. Thus, Brand Managers(after the title of the diploma awarded by ISCOM) will design brands whose values make sense for our society and its citizens. 

Rethinking the school and its teaching

To achieve this objective, both students and teachers gathered in a workshop to rethink the very organisation of the school, from its pedagogical programming to its space layout: to infuse more humanities and human sciences, to work with an empathic approach, to analyse and understand societal trends. They have imagined collaborative work rooms and innovative methodologies based on collective intelligence and design thinking, in order to make users and stakeholders contribute in the projects. But also, empirical observations of the field, going outside school walls to be as close as possible to the needs of citizens: it is by getting out of the school framework that students will be able to analyse, understand and respond to the problems of citizens, and indirectly, to those of companies and brands. 

[1]Etude ISPOS 9 février 2017

  • Porteurs de projet/Project holders : ISCOM Lille / Étudiants en 5eannée Créative Design Branding
  • Designers : Frédéric Remaud / Patrick Deon
  • Crédits photo / photo credits : ISCOM Lille / Étudiants en 5eannée Créative Design Branding