Long Term Care Radio: Helpful Histories


Long Term Care Radio: Helpful Histories

How might we make moments of change more relatable, livable and understandable by building proximity with the people living in long term care (LTC)? Can negative stereotypes around aging be shifted by recognising and supporting the abilities of people living in care? Our elders have lived through significant histories of change and have stories to tell. Lifting the voices in LTC, by creating a broadcast series, could connect this extremely isolated population with family, health workers and the community.

Amplifying voices in LTC

LTC Radiois a research and community-engagement project that aims to re-integrate people in care into communities, in a meaningful way through verbal storytelling and auditory knowledge sharing. COVID conditions have impacted LTC communities more acutely than any other group, in many cases making them the most physically and socially isolated places in city environments. Amplifying the voices of people living in care homes through broadcast reconnects distanced family, teaches health workers about the people they care for and offers the broader community a knowing shoulder to lean on in a manner that respects a pandemic level of precaution.

Sustainable communication in a post-pandemic world

Building a system that supports reciprocity of knowledge between people in care homes, care-staff, families and communities acknowledges the societal value of people living in LTC. This exchange expands the diversity of perspectives expressed in society, offering access to the wisdom and knowledge that exists within homes and creating avenues for empathy. In the face of COVID restrictions, the HDL continues to seek out solutions as to how to build a network of broadcast stations; design in accessibility for a neuro-diverse population and support language differences. LTC Radioaims to reach beyond physical distance and use storytelling as a tool to reposition people in homes as sources of knowledge and guidance in society. 

  • Porteurs de projet/Project holders :Health Design Lab(HDL),Emily Carr DESIS Lab, Department of Design- Emily Carr University of Art +Design
  • Designers :Lisa Boulton, Morgan Martino, Vannysha Chang, Ajra Doobenen, GarmiaSood
  • Acteurs/Stakeholders : Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), les personnes qui vivent à / people living in VCH LTC, leur famille et communauté / their familyand community
  • Crédits photo / photo credits :Health Design Lab(HDL),Emily Carr DESIS Lab, Department of Design- Emily Carr University of Art +Design