Reintegration market gardening

POC Culture in the garden Reintegration market gardening In Haubourdin, in the middle of the street Carrières-de-cement full of businesses, in an old quarry, there are almost three hectares dedicated to market gardening and mutual aid. Since 1998,Intervalhas been helping job seekers reintegrate the professional world … by growing vegetables. Culture of earth and culture Read more about Reintegration market gardening[…]

Meeting squares!

POC Quartier Saint-Pierre, Croix Meeting squares! A couple of POC Quartier Saint-Pierre, Croix squares are being studied with a view to developing new projects in the neighbourhood Saint-Pierre à Croix. Could these squares become new places for “living together”? How might their development improve the neighbourhood image?  Rehabilitation of 3 squares The collectiveGraphiteswent out and Read more about Meeting squares![…]

Housing with car sharing included

POC Covoiturage Projectim Housing with car sharing included Carpooling is becoming increasingly popular, especially in areas that are poorly served by public transport and/or that have limited parking. A lot of people that usually drive private cars are changing their travel habits and are moving towards this alternative: most of the time, they organise themselves Read more about Housing with car sharing included[…]

The community at the heart of real estate projects

POC Friche Brunel  The community at the heart of real estate projects The Sheds of le coin du Monde is the story of a wasteland, an ideal building land for housings in a neighbourhood in need. It is also the story of a local collective, BW Friches, that became concerned about the quality of its environment Read more about The community at the heart of real estate projects[…]

Gardening collaboration between neighbours

POC Jardins familiaux Quartier Faubourg à Béthune Gardening collaboration between neighbours “We want a garden that is unlike any other garden in Lille”,declaresGeorges, a resident of the Faubourg de Béthune neighbourhood. Georges, Guislaine, Alexandra, Hervé, Ahmed and all the citizensparticipating in the process, wishabove allto:“forge links between neighbours”, “reachchildren who neverleave theirhouse”, “exchangetheirknow-how and activatehidden resources.” Shared intergenerational garden Located at the foot of somebuildings, Read more about Gardening collaboration between neighbours[…]

Campus ZEN, Zero Net Emission!

Poc Rues végétalisées Campus ZEN, Zero Net Emission! It is a growing movement: more and more cities want to vegetate public spaces and encourage citizen initiatives to reintroduce biodiversity into the city. Nature is important for everyone: not only for the pleasure of the eyes, but also to build cities that are able to withstand Read more about Campus ZEN, Zero Net Emission![…]

Nourishing city

POC Villeneuve d’Ascq Ville Nourricière Nourishing city In order to respond to the climate challenge and fight excessive minerality, preserve large landscape continuities and enhance biodiversity, Villeneuve d’Ascq is designing a nourishing city for its citizens. Agricultural areas are no longer just variables for adjustment to the needs of urban development or simple land to Read more about Nourishing city[…]

Designing responsible and socially responsible brands

POC Repenser l’enseignement de la marque Designing responsible and socially responsible brands Thinking and questioning a communication school’s pedagogy and organisation, in order enable students to design brands that truly care about its consumers and meet their needs. Designing brands whose values create bonds, brands that make society, this is the challenge of the workshop Read more about Designing responsible and socially responsible brands[…]

‘Passage de la soie’ to weave connections

POC Passage de la Soie ‘Passage de la soie’ to weave connections ‘Passage de la Soie’ is located in the neighbourhood of Virolois in Tourcoing. New buildings stand side by side with old ones, giving it a certain identity, source of a dynamism linked to the rich industrial past of the place. Could this space Read more about ‘Passage de la soie’ to weave connections[…]

Collaborative approach right in the city centre!

POC « en plein centre » Collaborative approach right in the city centre! Urban-centric businesses are heckled by big-box stores and online sales. Vacant spaces keep growing within cities. How can we fight the increase of empty shop windows and abandoned streets, by giving a second chance to these vacant shops? Experimenting in vacant spaces Tourcoing’s city-centre Read more about Collaborative approach right in the city centre![…]