Driving transition between cities

POC La Fabrique des Transitions

Driving transition between cities

« La Fabrique des Transitions » stems from the capitalisation of different territories’ experiences – in particular the cities of Loos-en-Gohelle, Le Mené, Malaunay and Grande Synthe – that have demonstrated over several decades an ability to lead change with tangible results. It has made it possible to identify guiding principles, common to all of them. Many networks have recognised these principles and are looking to find the best ways to combine their efforts in a sustainable way. 

Systemic engineering of transitions 

La Fabrique des Transitions’ mission is to pool efforts and generate synergies while respecting differences, in order to create and deploy systemic engineering of transitions in the territories, on a national and European scale.

The initiators of La Fabrique des Transitions, worried that they would just give rise to another “umbrella organisation” ending up only representing itself, and motivated to make this approach long-term, conceived it as an alliance, open to all, with a Charter to which its members adhere and a promotional association consisting of very few members dedicated to stimulating the collective dynamic. The Alliance Charter sets out shared objectives, affirms common values, defines working methods, lays the foundations of organisation forms and defines a work rhythm.

Pooling experiences and reflections

La Fabrique des Transitionsforms an alliance of actors and networks very diverse in nature (local authorities, civil society organisations, businesses, resource centres, research and training centres, state agencies and structures) united by the conviction that territories are major players in the transition to sustainable societies. They are prepared to pool their experiences and reflections and to put them at the service of territories that want to engage in a global transition process and share the ambition to change the scale of transformations underway.

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