The community at the heart of real estate projects

POC Friche Brunel 

The community at the heart of real estate projects

The Sheds of le coin du Monde is the story of a wasteland, an ideal building land for housings in a neighbourhood in need. It is also the story of a local collective, BW Friches, that became concerned about the quality of its environment and living together: “we want to participate in the choices related to the neighbourhood’s transformation, current and future, regarding our living environment and based on values and collective actions of solidarity, ecology, culture… In two words: urban citizenship!”.

Building in cooperation

As part of the urban renewal of the former industrial wasteland on the Brunel site  

in the neighbourhood Lille Fives, 69 housing units with associative premises, collective rooms, shared gardens, green roofs, bicycle shelters…, will welcome residents in 2022. The City of Lille has seized the subject by including the ‘collective’ at all stages of the call for projects’ procedure, from drafting the specifications to choosing a real estate operator, the social landlord 3F Nord-Artois. Selecting the architect and landscape designer, reflecting on services and shared spaces, choosing a name, etc. Each resident had their say. It is essential that they are involved in the project for it to evolve properly. Only the sheds and sawtooth brick façades that bear witness to the industrial past were preserved. 

Social links before constructing

Participatory programming is used in order to create a living space, instigator of social ties and collective initiatives. It is illustrated by a transitional management program, inaugurated at the beginning of the year with a collage, on the sheds’ walls, of giant portraits of citizens, made by the photographer Marc Mounier-Kuhn. This will be followed by a series of workshops organised on the wasteland by the associationles AJOnc, around landscape creation: a way to prefigure, with local residents, what the shared gardens of the Sheds du Coin du Monde will be like. 

  • Porteurs de projet/Project holders :3F Nord-Artois
  • Acteurs/Stakeholders : Ville de Lille,agences JTB et Sempervirens,Kartier Libre,coopérative Bien faitpour ta Com’,l’association les AJOnc,MarcMounier-Kuhn
  • Crédits photo / photo credits :3F Nord-Artois