Infrastructures for Public Space Interaction

POC IPSI Infrastructures for Public Space Interaction Public space is under attack. Today’s emergencies, such as social inequality, climate change and pandemics underline its fundamental role as the main space for interaction. This project proposes to reinforce public space with temporary interventions, using both physical and digital approaches. From Speculation to Implementation IPSI is a Read more about Infrastructures for Public Space Interaction[…]

Designed to Return to campus

POC Returning to campus Designed to Return to campus Currently, the epidemic situation has been effectively controlled in China, and colleges and universities are about to reopen their campus. How can we prepare in advance in order to return to campus in a safe and organised way? What should students do to ensure their own and Read more about Designed to Return to campus[…]

Living streets lab

POC Living Streets Lab Living streets lab Terraces in front of bars instead of parking places? Car lanes turned into cycle lanes? Streets closed to traffic and turned into playgrounds? There is a need to rethink public space mainly due to the current physical distancing measures, but also in order to anticipate scenarios of more sustainable Read more about Living streets lab[…]

Temporary mobile furniture

POC Mob-Mob Temporary mobile furniture Neighbourhood renovations can take up to several years, during which time the population has to live in the midst of all the work, provisional arrangements, precarious urban equipment… How might we design modular and temporary street furniture that allows, in a flexible and economical way, to give rise to neighbourhood Read more about Temporary mobile furniture[…]

Urban Living Room

POC Urban Living Room Urban Living Room Living together in a public space An open-air kitchen, living room or bedroom, set up in the middle of a public place, encourage people to take break, talk to unknown people that might be living in the same city and even start a conversation about this public space they Read more about Urban Living Room[…]

Regenerative experiments in the post-pandemic city

POC Superilles+ Regenerative experiments in the post-pandemic city Dense urbanscapes with the life quality typical of small towns and resilience towards future emergencies? In Barcelona, superblocksare doing just that. They are exploring the future of cities through the lens of this innovative urban planning strategy. Superblocks (superillesin Catalan) are “minimal urban ecosystems” made of building cells for Read more about Regenerative experiments in the post-pandemic city[…]

Neighbourhood in transition

POC Hôt-El Neighbourhood in transition Renovating 360 ​​housing units in the city of Elocques, a set of small working-class houses built in 1900 on a site of 13.7 hectares in Hellemmes : a rehabilitation project that will be ongoing until 2024, involving “drawer housings” wherein the inhabitants leave their home during renovations and live in “tampon” housings. It’s Read more about Neighbourhood in transition[…]

Like a big family home!

POC The Big House Like a big family home! Open-air cinema, repair cafe, educational chicken coop, within walls festival, solidarity shop, garden of senses, etc. What do all of these ideas (and many others) have to do with each other? They all come from a workshop that brought together in August 2019 different teams from IEM Read more about Like a big family home![…]

Citizens’ Initiative Local Factory

POC The Saillysienne Factory Citizens’ Initiative Local Factory The adventure began 3 years ago, at the end of the film screening “Tomorrow”, with a question raised by many saillyssians: what do we do? Since then, the municipality of Sailly-Lez-lannoy, a metropolitan city of less than 2,000 people, has been accompanying citizen initiatives through workshops, wherein Read more about Citizens’ Initiative Local Factory[…]

Nomadic coffee break in your neighbourhood

POC Nomadic Café in Five Nomadic coffee break in your neighbourhood “I discovered the Nomadic Café in June. The appointment in a park, a bit like a treasure hunt, and then arriving at our host’s home. A pleasant garden, discussions, meeting new people and lots of new tips about my neighbourhood” says Fanny, resident of Read more about Nomadic coffee break in your neighbourhood[…]