What is the energy today?

POC GAC, Active Consumption Management What is the energy today? We use our washing machine and all other home appliances whenever it suits us. However, rooftop photovoltaic panels produce electricity only during daylight and especially during sunny days, leading to moments of overproduction and non-use of the energy. This implies that there is a need Read more about What is the energy today?[…]

Attention as community currency

POC Attention Currency System Attention as community currency  What is the impact of the virus on our attentiveness to personal and shared experiences as we begin to navigate our daily lives outside our homes? Do we touch each other as easily as before? Do we trust as easily as before? This scenario takes “attention” as a Read more about Attention as community currency[…]

The community’s doorman’s room

POC Doorman’sRoom 2.0, Shanghai- CN The community’s doorman’s room Could the doorman’s room be connected to a community service? Could the doorman’s room hold community gatherings? How could a doorman’s room play a key role in rebuilding the community into a more resilient one, by investing in a welcoming and meaningful place for all? Promoting engagement  Doorman’s Room Read more about The community’s doorman’s room[…]

Did you get lost?

POC Espace culturel Tisserands Lomme Did you get lost? In Lomme, everyone spends their lives around their house, with the impression of belonging more to the neighbourhood than to the city. Hence the question, “Well then, did you get lost?”when you find someone from Lomme a little bit too far from home. Espace Culturel Les Tisserands Read more about Did you get lost?[…]

Electricity shapes my neighbourhood

POC Electricity shapes my neighbourhood Electricity shapes my neighbourhood What if public substations took on new colours and told us all about the local history, heritage’s secrets and citizen’s dreams for the world of tomorrow? Found in every town, every neighbourhood, these electrical substations, just like the walls and street furniture, could be turned into artistic Read more about Electricity shapes my neighbourhood[…]

Brokering between the citizens and the city

POC Neighbourhood Manager, Ghent- BE Brokering between the citizens and the city “Citizens starting a community garden are expected to match administrative requirements and complete all paperwork related to spaces receiving public, this is too much on their shoulders”comments Wendy De Man, a member of Ghent’s city administration. Wendy is one of the “Neighbourhood Managers” in charge of establishing Read more about Brokering between the citizens and the city[…]

From DIY to eco-renovation

POC Brico-conciergerie  From DIY to eco-renovation “With eco-renovation policies, it is the most vulnerable that are the hardest to reach. You need to work at a neighbourhood level, with local stakeholders and residents.” Supporting and simplifying Many households, including low-resource and energy poor households, do not receive the support to which they are entitled. A Read more about From DIY to eco-renovation[…]

A Highly Social Public Housing system

POC Voisinerie of Wazemmes A Highly Social Public Housing system “It’s the Public Housing unit of the future!” for Laurent Courouble, from ‘Compagnie des Tiers-Lieux’, that’s to say how to combine community entertainment and inclusion of the vulnerable, the ageing and the disabled, all thanks to a social utility service at the ground floor … Read more about A Highly Social Public Housing system[…]