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Daniela Catanoso / Training and cooperation, Messina

23/04/13 Speed presentation night,
Inspirational meeting in Amersfoort

Daniela Catanoso / Training and cooperation
from Messina

Incontro LSG 19/03/2013

Un intenso pomeriggio di lavoro ieri con gli amici del Gruppo di Supporto Locale del progetto Urbact II per il progetto “Sustainable Food in Urban Communities”. Sono stati riassunti gli obiettivi del progetto ed il ruolo di cooperazione tra… i partner delle varie nazioni partecipanti per la definizione di singoli Piani di Azione Locale per […]

Press Release

CITY OF MESSINA – COMUNICATO N°191 PROGETTO URBACT “SUSTAINABLE FOOD IN URBAN COMMUNITIES”: IL COMUNE DI MESSINA AMMESSO ALLA SECONDA FASE DEL FINANZIAMENTO Il progetto “Sustainable Food in Urban Communities” (Alimentazione Sostenibile nelle Comunità Urbane) presentato dal Comune di Messina attraverso l’Ufficio Programmi Complessi, con altre 9 città (Bruxelles Lead Partner) all’interno del programma europeo URBACT […]

Messina / Opportunities and challenges

Food oriented culture Messina demonstrates a strong potential based on its traditional and still very vivid food culture. The issue of sustainable food in urban context emerged more recently probably because of the diffused average attention to food and eating quality products, the close agricultural hinterland rich of local traditional food production and small transformation […]

Messina / food and sustainability

Currently, Messina is willing to act on food topic in front of the changes in consumer’s food habits. Indeed, if Sicilian gastronomy is one of the prides of Italy it is also an image and a valuable economic sector to preserve. Public authorities, local associations and many stakeholders are gathered to create a barrier to the […]

Messina / Main characteristics

The city of Messina is the third demographic reality of Sicily. The area is a vital service centre not only for the city and the surrounding municipalities of the Province, but also for Calabria and Straits area.  The particular geographical position of the city, squeezed between the Peloritani hills and the sea, has meant that […]