Contribution to the 1st international forum “Land For Food”

In April 24-25th, 2014 was held the first International Forum “Land for Food, organized in Paris by the IUFN. The City of Lyon was invited to share  the work done through the URBACT “sustainable food” network.

Gathering more than 180 people over 2 days, getting participants off the beaten tracks, opening their minds to new perspectives, to new collaborations, creating a space to imagine together the solutions to preserve land for food around cities: objective of IUFN’s international workshop LAND FOR FOOD was achieved!

The Open Forum started with 15 discussion groups around a red-line question: “What new questions, new perspectives and what new links around land can we imagine together in order to sustainably feed our cities?”. Followed a buzzing day at UNESCO HQ with 11 co-design workshops addressing particular challenges of this complex question, featuring invited expert speakers.

The event has passed but the work on land issues related to food security of urban populations doesn’t end here. On the contrary! The LAND FOR FOOD workshop is only one piece of the creative process launched by IUFN in January 2014.

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